A-Z Bellydance Year-Long Course NEXT INTAKE Feb 2, 2022


Cultural Perspectives & Creative New Directions with A-Z Training courses in 2022


Enjoy being a part of a strong supportive community with over 20 years of continuous growth!

A-Z has been supporting bellydance students, teachers & performers for over 20 years! Training events include Egypt, Australia, Hawaii, Bali, Croatia, USA, UK & Singapore. You can do the individual courses (all new!) or join the year long training course.

Look at what's included in the NEW A-Z Training course!

Modules 1 & 2
Somatics for Bellydance
Fundamentals of Somatics Movement, for Dance & Wellbeing
Modules 3-6
120 Core Bellydance Moves
Fluid, Accented, Stepping & Gliding
Modules 7 & 8
40 Arabic Rhythms
Learn 40 Rhythms with Sam 
Modules 9-10
AstroBelly - Dance the Elements
Courses to ground, solidify and enliven your dancing
Modules 11-16
A-Z Original
The core Original routines to ground, solidify and enliven your dancing
Modules 16-18
A-Z  NEW Tribal
New modifications & Tribal styling for group improv with guest Jilyan
Modules 19-24
A-Z Advanced
Spatial routines with stage dynamics, to take you to a more professional level
Modules 24-26
A-Z NEW Lotus Series: Stage craft & Theatrical Bellydance
Professional tools for performance; solos, troupes, props & more
Modules 27-40
Reda/Fahmy Drills & A-Z Teacher Training 
Teaching drills, fitness, class curriculum, physical limitations, seniors, pregnancy

Join Keti for a COMPLETELY NEWLY FILMED, freshly updated and fully guided year-long online study course, with 40 modules delivered weekly. Course start date: Feb 2, 2022, Completion date: Dec, 2022.

Semester 1 Feb-Jun

1. Somatics for Bellydance (2 weeks) Feb
2. Core Essentials: 120 Moves (4 weeks) Feb-Mar
3. 40 Arabic Rhythms (2 weeks) Mar
4. AstroBelly & Elements (2 weeks) Apr
5. A-Z Original (6 weeks) Apr-May
6. NEW A-Z Tribal for Improvisation (2 weeks) Jun

Mid Year Break Jun

Semester 2 Jul-Dec

6. A-Z Advanced (6 weeks) Jul-Aug
7. NEW Lotus Series: A-Z Stage Performance (2 weeks) Aug
8. Mahmoud Reda & Farida Fahmy Drills (2 weeks) Sep
9. A-Z Teacher Training (6 weeks) Sep-Oct
10. Fitness, Seniors, Physical Limitations (2 weeks) Oct
11. Final Project (2 weeks) Nov
12: Graduation Concert preparation (2 weeks)



'Intro to A-Z Bellydance'
1 Hour ZOOM Seminar/Class

Join Keti for a live seminar & Q&A about the year-long study course starting FEB 2022. The new course features updated methodology, New 'A-Z Nawari' Tribal, NEW Lotus Series & fresh music from Egypt plus Sam's live drumming. The course honours Keti's mentor, Farida Fahmy - join the Intro chat to be the first to learn more!

ZOOM Sun 5th Dec 2021 6pm-7pm Perth time check your timezone. Replay sent to all participants.