Keti Sharif

A-Z Bellydance Teacher & Performer

  • Keti is an Australian dance teacher & choreographer, who resided in Egypt for many years where she directed annual Sphinx Festivals (live music, dance & cultural art) & created A-Z Bellydance, based on LIVE Egyptian music & cultural dance genres - traditional & modern.
  • A-Z Bellydance is taught to over 4000 students in 40 countries. Its somatic, musical approach has supported students & teachers worldwide for over 20 years. Courses feature live Egyptian music & rhythms to improve dancers musicality & expand movement repertoire.
  • Keti performed internationally with Arabic bands to audiences including Omar Sharif, Jermaine Jackson & the King & Queen of Malaysia, & hosted events with Mahmoud Reda & Farida Fahmy in Egypt & abroad. Keti archives Farida's valuable artistic legacy at

Classes @ Blue Lotus Room, Perth starting 8th August 2022

  • Mon 6:15pm Arabic Drumming w/Sam
    Mon 7:15pm A-Z Bellydance/Live Drums (Keti & Sam)
  • Wed 6:15pm AstroBelly Beginner's Bellydance (Keti) ZOOM option
    Wed 7:15pm Zaffah & Bellydance Performance (Keti) 
  • Sat 10am Bloom Bellydance with Props (Keti)
    Sat 11am Arabic Drumming w/Sam (Cottesloe)


  • Sep 3 & 4, 2022 LIVE in Blue Lotus Room Studio or Online via Zoom
  • 6 hours of deep Somatic Bellydance Retreat for more radiance, joy and sensuality. 
  • Choose to join one of these three retreat groups/times for two days (Perth time):
    Choice #1 ZOOM  6am-9am  Sat & Sun

    Choice #2 IN STUDIO 12pm-3pm  Sat & Sun

    Choice #3 ZOOM 6pm-9pm Sat & Sun

  • Cost $90 USD (or $130 Aud) (6 hours of retreat over 2 days)
    Check timezone conversion, Perth is 12 hours ahead of New York.

Egyptian Elements Event 28-30 Oct 2022 @ Blue Lotus Room, Morley, WA

  • Keti & percussionist Sam Nascimento are excited to announce the opening of their NEW studio & arts space in Perth!  The Blue Lotus Room is a spacious venue with a large dance-floor, mirrors & acoustic stage.
    Egyptian Dancing, Drumming, Somatics, Qi Gong, Yoga, Martial Arts & Meditation plus evening Performances & events.
  • EGYPTIAN ELEMENTS  Oct 28-30 2022
    An exciting weekend of Egyptian dance, rhythms, performances & artistry at The Blue Lotus Room. 


Join our Musical Heart of Egypt cultural tour or attend live weekend training with Keti in new dance styles

Musical Heart of Egypt Tour

Sep 26 - Oct 4
10 day journey for dancers and drummers, from Cairo to Red Sea

$ 1500 USD

Nawara Training (2 days)

Dec 1 & 2 at studio
Percussive dance style and earthy group improv to live rhythms 
ALL LEVELS 18 hours training

$ 300 inc Booklet & CD

Lotus Series Training (2 days) 

Dec 3 & 4 at studio
Learn theatrical Pharaonic dance choreos for stage with props 
ALL LEVELS 18 hours training

$ 300 inc Booklet & CD

Musical Heart of Egypt
Cairo/Red Sea Sep-Oct 2022

  • Live Cultural Arts, Music & Dance Event in Egypt Sep 26-Oct 4 2022 hosted by Keti Sharif & Sam Nascimento
  • Cairo Event: 26th Sep - 1st Oct 2022 (6 days)
  • Red Sea Option: 2nd Oct - 4th Oct 2022 (3 days)
  • The Musical Heart is a unique event that culminates high quality cultural arts, music, dance & drumming in Egypt. All artists are Egyptian, skilled & respected in their field. This year we're joined by guest lecturer Dr Randa Baligh (head Egyptologist, Cairo University) & Farida Fahmy presenting a rare seminar about the original Reda Troupe.
  • Enjoy morning excursions with Dr Baligh, visiting the New museum, Giza Pyramids, Coptic Cairo, Islamic Cairo & magnificent architecture. Afternoon recitals highlight various traditional Egyptian genres: Sufi & Zikr, Saiidi, Baladi, Zaar, Classical & Bedouin styles. Expand your knowledge & skills with Egyptian dance classes to LIVE music & daily percussion sessions. Wind down with fun cultural evening events plus opportunities for participants to dance to LIVE music!    SEE MORE!

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