Dear festival friends,

I would like to offer a BIG thank you for your support for our annual WA bellydance festival event. 2015 was our biggest WAMED festival yet. The excellent teachers, musicians, performers and participants helped shape the event to be one of the most enjoyable, connective and creative festivals to date.

I have enjoyed such a wonderful time as the director of WAMED, since we started it all the way back in 1999. When I took few years off, whilst living in Egypt, a great team took over and ran it very well, and I returned to an even better WAMED. The festival has continued to flourish and reflect our strong Australian dance community, thanks to the support of the wider community.

Coming back as festival director in 2013, was wonderful, and a great opportunity to connect with the Australian dancers, re-connect with many old friends, a offered a very special opportunity to see so many creative new directions and meet new and upcoming dancers and teachers.

The euphoria of directing this final WAMED 2015, is something I am still basking in! However, as of July 2015, I have some important projects that need my full attention for the next few years, namely archiving Farida Fahmy's life story, and my own personal research for studies and an ethnologcal film project on the Egyptian Cultural Arts.

A new team will take over WAMED in 2016. They are committed, organised and communty oriented dancers with a passion for sharing and growing this wonderful art, and honouring its history. They will develop the festival in new ways, whilst maintaining its ethos and spirit. You have a great team taking over!

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