Dear festival friends,

I would like to offer a BIG thank you to everyone who supported the annual WAMED Bellydance Festival in 2015.

As festival director for 12 years - from 1999-2007, then again in 2013, 2014 and 2015, I've enjoyed the wonderful opportunity to connect with Australian dancers, re-connect with colleagues, and explore the creative new directions and innovations of upcoming dancers and teachers.

The recent years have seen the festival expand and embrace a wider audience and level of participation than ever before, which is a result of the teamwork of everyone who makes this event happen - teachers, performers, volunteers, sponsors, staff and festival attendees. I am grateful for the experience of managing the event, and for the immersion into the friendly, and open-minded Western Australian dance community. However, there are some changes in store, as I have some important projects that need my full attention for several years, namely archiving Farida Fahmy's life story, and conducting research and filming for projects exploring Egyptian Cultural Arts.

A new team will take over WAMED in 2016. They are committed, organised and communty oriented dancers with a passion for sharing and growing this wonderful art, and honouring its history. They will develop the festival in new ways, whilst maintaining its ethos and spirit. You have a great team taking over!

Stay posted by joinining the WAMED facebook group.