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Somatics for Bellydance ®

Somatics for Bellydance is a Dynamic Training Course to Enhance
bellydancers skills and development, based on the science and art of movement -
from internal sensing, to proprioception and connection to self and space.

It suits all bellydance styles at any level - for students, teachers or performers.
It is also the new pre-requisite for the A-Z Bellydance Study Courses out Jan 2019.

Learn the Powerful Fundamentals of Somatics and how it can improve your dance through movement awareness and musicality, and enhance improvisational skills.

Enjoy a more present, grounded and sensory experience of dance movement, with a deeper sense of connectivity and trust in yourself, as you build true body confidence.

Expand your knowledge of movement patterning, the internal and external dynamics of the moving body, and the interconnectivity of various movement modalities.

Learn the language of Somatics and enrich your own practice!


The "Soma" is the living body and Somatics is the experience and perception of movement "from within". Somatic awareness and sensing how the body moves, provides insight into various systems relevant to both our psycho-physical states, and the inner workings of our own body and movement. Somatics blends science and art, with cutting edge research and a multi-layered approach which references the works of past pioneers such as Gurdjieff, Steiner, Laban, Bartenieff, Alexander & Feldenkrais, and many renowned
current researchers and practitioners such as Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Peggy Hackney, Martha Eddy and other Somatic leaders in movement arts and education.


Keti delivers Somatic Movement education specifically tailored to bellydancers. This full day course references her training and workshops with leading researchers, including Dr Martha Eddy at UNCG, the Laban/Bartenieff Institute Conference in New York and the BMC Body Mind Centering Convention plus a module on Resilience with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. Keti incorporates her own life-long experience as a bellydance instructor with 20 years of music-movement research featuring live Egyptian music and worldwide surveys.

Keti’s unique Somatic coaching assimilates various practices that support body-mind attentiveness, wellbeing and body wisdom. She references her training in complimentary modalities; with certification in AIF group fitness, AFAA Perinatal fitness, Knoff Yoga teacher training, and Jin Shin Jyutsu - a meridian point energy practice for self-healing of the body.

The Course Covers 6 Essential Areas of Somatics:

*Body Connectivity *Movement Geometry *Effects of Music & Rhythm
*Self-Support Exercises *Creating a Personal Practice

Certificate is awarded on successful completion
after undertaking an online multiple choice test.

"I feel lighter in body and clearer in mind, any tension felt in my shoulders/chest has gone. It gives me clear perspective on what to do next. I am looking at my dance moves in a different light, noticing the opposites of moves, weight sensing, angles, etc."

Debbie Baker, UK

"I have thoroughly enjoyed Keti's training and it has made a difference already. I feel more connected to my body, the movements and the music. My friends also noticed a difference in me and commented. It all just makes sense and I have connected to it so easily!"

Trish Sullivan Baah,

"A must-do course for dancers of all genres! Keti has renewed my sense of joy and simplicity in dance and choreography. Now I can accept and dance with my pregnant body, not fight against it."

Industrial Fusion Bellydancer, Australia

"A very grounding experience that has refreshed the joy I feel when dancing and given me a new awareness and a deeper sense of connection within my body and the dance. I look forward to allowing these to inform my teaching and dance expression."

Angela McWhinney, Australia

"Studying somatics is helping me to be more present and aware in my body – expanding my overall dance experience at all levels. My breathing while moving has improved tremendously. Before this program I thought that I was moving from my core but this class has brought that home for me."

Della Gushen, USA

"I have never been so enlightened. Somatics has sent me on a journey such as I have never experienced before! I am excited to breathe, move and my sensory being is awakened, alert and motivated. I can't describe it ... I feel it when I move it!"

Faith Bonfini, Canada

"Thank you, Keti, for offering this course. It truly is the rock foundation of belly dance".

Jennifer Peng, USA

"A wealth of insightful and informative ways of understanding body movement... many ah-ha moments!" 

Raewyn Snook, New Zealand

"This somatic work is so rich and important for anybody inhabiting a body, dancer or not."

Charlotte Hussey, Canada

 "I enjoyed each and every day of the Somatic Journey and how you have incorporated this into a relaxing routine. Great for any level!"

Betty Ladd, USA

"I’ve enjoyed doing this first thing every morning! It’s wonderful to solidify your somatic teachings. Inspiring to integrate movement that supports personal improvement."

Angela Baublit, USA

"Starting to feel my spinal flow more. A whole new perspective on breathing and movement. I love dancing with you again. You have a knack for making things simple!" 

Lindie Lila, South Africa

"The structure really allowed for self-exploration and personal integration for cultivating a deeper understanding of the body-self. From day one I began noticing the distinct qualities of my movements within my dance practice and everyday life. As my perception of movement became more nuanced, I recognised a convergence of these two spheres of dance and life!!"

Ruth Jenkins, UK

"As a bellydancer for over twenty-five years, I have found Somatics for Bellydance has brought me to a new sense of internal focus in my movement. The practice of Somatics is not only helping me to sense my dance more naturally through space but is also integrating within me the various qualities of movement that translate from life into bellydance. This will aid new students in sensing the moves of bellydance with more ease."

Wendy Scabrel, Canada

"It helped me learn to respond to the music more effectively in my free dance and when I choreograph, and how I can sense my dancing more fully, as well as the relationship between music, instruments and the dancers body. I highly recommend this training to any dancers who want to deepen and broaden their experience and understanding of this beautiful art. Thank you Keti for this beautiful program."

Suzi Martinez, Australia

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Somatics for Bellydance - Music, Movement & Body Connectivity - includes:

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Body Connectivity
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