Dance to 100% LIVE Egyptian music in Cairo
Musicality: Saiidi, Baladi, Classical & Percussion

Its only happening ONCE this year

Dancers are welcome to join us in Cairo for a powerful immersion into live Egyptian music. Enjoy workshops with our talented and experienced musicians, who have played for our Sphinx festivals and cultural events for over 10 years. You will develop musical aptitude, improve interpretive dance skills, and improvise with more freedom, confidence and ease. Participants have a chance to perform with the live ensemble! We aim to create a safe and welcoming space for your dance development.

A guest seminar by Farida Fahmy is one of the highlights of this event!

Cairo, Egypt – Dates: November 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8, 2018
$750 USD (20 hours live music & workshops)
Book with just a $450 deposit and pay the $300 when you arrive!

Event is open to anyone interested in developing their dancing,
and particularly imrpovisational skills to live Egyptian music!

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Dancers are welcome to join us in Cairo for a powerful immersion into live Egyptian music.

The Musical Heart of Egypt - Daily Schedule

Day 1 Sunday 4 Nov - Traditional Saiidi Music
3pm Registration for participants
4-6pm Traditional Saiidi music with Nesrin Bahaa
7-8pm Saiidi Mizmar and Rababa band

Day 2 Monday 5 Nov - Baladi Music & Rhythms
1-3pm Live Percussion – Egyptian Rhythms with Vanessa
4-6pm Improvising to Live Baladi Music
7-8pm Participant Performances with live band (Baladi)

Day 3 Tuesday 6 Nov - Classical Music with Lyrics
1-3pm Abdel Halim Hafez Songs with guest singer
4-6pm Om Kolthoum Songs with Noura 
7-8pm Participant Performances with live band (Raqs Sharqi)

Day 4 Wednesday 7 Nov - Maqamat & Classical Compositions  
1-3pm Musical Maqamat - core Maqams
4-6pm Improvising to Classical Raqs Sharqi Compositions
7pm Zaar night - Traditional Trance Music

Day 5 Thursday 8 Nov Farida Fahmy Seminar, Gala Night on Nile
11am-1pm Discussion for teachers with guest Farida Fahmy
7-11pm  Gala Cruise, Night on the Nile - Boat Cruise 
Participants may choose to continue to Haram St for dance shows!

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Nesrin Bahaa


Farida Fahmy

Keti Sharif





Accommodation suggestion

Note: Participants must organize their own travel and accommodation near Zamalek or Dokki. We suggest Golden Tulip Flamenco in Zamalek. Most of our group will be there. You can book individually via or directly with the Golden Tulip hotel. Be sure to book early!

Price includes all live music workshops (20 hours) and Gala Cruise evening.
Meals are not included, but available to purchase all day at venue.
Live music venue details provided on booking.
Airport pick ups can be arranged with Sayed for $25.

Kindly note we DO have a strict limit of participants.

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$750 USD
You Pay only $450 deposit now, and $300 on arrival


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