Perth, Mar-May 2019

Egyptian Dance Classes

Egyptian Dance Classes with Keti Sharif in Perth, Mar-May 2019

Keti’s Classes offer a somatic approach to gravity rich, fluid and earthy Egyptian dance - with a focus on movement and musicality. Early booking is advised as classes are small and offer personal attention. Choose from Om Kolthsoum, Abdel Halim Hafez or learn 120 Bellydance Moves.

Om Kolthsoum Classics  

Om Kolthoum Classics, 2 hour workshop
11am-1pm, Sun March 31
Explore improvising within Egyptian structures to 3 x Om Kolthsoum classics.
$50 (max 6 students)

Abdel Halim Hafez

Abdel Halim Classics, 2 hour workshop 
11am-1pm, Sun April 7
Explore the dynamics of Egyptian movement and lyrics to 3 x Abdel Halim classics.
$50 (max 6 students)

120 Bellydance Moves

120 Bellydance Moves - 3 week intensive 
10am-12 noon, Sat May 4, 11, 18 (course)
Learn fluid, percussive and kinetic movement groups - the core of Egyptian style moves.
$150 for three weeks (max 6 students)

Old School Bellydance - Egyptian style!

The music we will be dancing to was recorded live in Cairo for bellydancers to be able to experience clear musicality, taqsim solos and the rich maqamat within the Arabic musical structures.

The movements are gravity rich, subtle, earthy and lyrical - there is no fancy choreography, because the intention is to have room to move, create, and feel the musical responses in the moment.

Movements and intrumental responsivity will be practiced, then the dance opends up to a flexi-choreography, where we outline a basic structure, through understanding the maqamat, patterns and story - which create the feel or mood. Then we improvise and simply enjoy the dance!

Keti brings in some new format A-Z Bellydance as an option, to expand your range of movement. The aim is to establish a deeper somatic connection to your movement, allow your dancing to become more flowing and "in the moment" and improve improvisational confidence, as you learn more about Egyptian classics.

Private studio, small classes (Dianella, WA)

Keti's somatic approach to gravity rich, earthy and fluid Egyptian dance will have you feeling more freedom and condidence in your movement and musicality. Classes are small with a maximum 6 participants per course. Courses are held at Keti’s private studio in Dianella (Perth, Western Australia). Venue details are provided on booking. Please book in advance. 

Book your place early, 6 participants per class!

Om Kolthoum workshop

31 March

$50 Aud
2 hour session
  • 11am-1pm
  • Sunday 31 March 2019
  • Small focused class

Abdel Halim Hafez workshop

7 April

$50 Aud
2 hour session
  • 11am-1pm
  • Sunday 7 April 2019
  • Small focused class

120 Bellydance Moves Intensive

4, 11, 18 May

$150 Aud
3 x 2 hour sessions
  • 10am-12noon
  • Saturdays May 4, 11, 18 2019
  • Small focused class

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