Join Keti Sharif's NEW A-Z Bellydance Teacher Training Intensive to Live Music in Cairo.
Master the A-Z Original & Advanced, for Raqs Sharqi, Baladi, Folkloric & Theatre Styles.
Taught by Keti to LIVE Egyptian music, with special guests Farida Fahmy & Nesrin Bahaa.

Once in a lifetime training event for the launch of the NEW A-Z Pedagogy.
View or download the full Teacher Training Schedule in Cairo, Dec 1-7, 2017

Download our 7 day schedule here:

Sorry, Bookings have Closed

Includes Preparation Download, 7 Days Training at Live Music event, fun excursions.
You'll get new A-Z OPT & APT courses valued at $540 at no extra cost, then OTT & ATT.

You will learn 12 intuitive choreographies for teaching:
* Ganalhawa *Sawah *Tigi Nesim el Amar *Enta Omri *Hawa ya Hawa Sayidi *Aziza
*Lesa Faker *Zay il Hawa * Bahlam Beek * Ya Mesaharny *Tamra Henna *Farida's Sayidi

Plus you'll receive ongoing support throughout 2018 to complete your 10 modules.

If interested in the NEW A-Z Courses online or future training events, please contact

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