Keti Sharif

A-Z Bellydance Teacher & Performer

  • Keti is an Australian dance teacher & choreographer, who resided in Egypt for many years where she directed annual Sphinx Festivals (live music, dance & cultural art) & created A-Z Bellydance, based on LIVE Egyptian music & cultural dance genres - traditional & modern.
  • A-Z Bellydance is taught to over 4000 students in 40 countries. Its somatic, musical approach has supported students & teachers worldwide for over 20 years. Courses feature live Egyptian music & rhythms to improve dancers musicality & expand movement repertoire.
  • Keti performed internationally with Arabic bands to audiences including Omar Sharif, Jermaine Jackson & the King & Queen of Malaysia, & hosted events with Mahmoud Reda & Farida Fahmy in Egypt & abroad. Keti archives Farida's valuable artistic legacy at

Classes @ Blue Lotus Room, Perth Apr-May 2022

  • Mon 6:30pm Arabic Drumming w/Sam
    Mon 7:30pm A-Z Bellydance/Live Drums
  • Wed 6:30pm Egyptian Bellydance Drills
  • Sat 8am Modern Bellydance 
    Sat 12noon Drumming w/Sam Cottesloe
    Sat 2pm Sensual Veil Bellydance
  • Sun 10am Beginner's Darbuka COURSE (Sam) ZOOM option

Raqs'n'Rhythms Workshop SINGAPORE May 22nd, 2022

    Dancers, be guided through a myriad of 20 exciting Egyptian & North African Rhythms played LIVE by Sam Nascimento, and practice NEW Bellydance moves with Keti Sharif. A fun experience where you will gain insight into a great variety of fresh versions of the Rhythms of the East plus Keti's dynamic Bellydance techniques with a modern twist.

    Time: 7pm-9pm (two hours)
    Cost: $75 (Singapore Dollars)
    Venue: Bolly Dance Studio, 261 Waterloo St, #01-12 Waterloo Centre, Singapore

    Please Pre-Book online below. Bookings are essential!
    Join the Facebook event group.

The Blue Lotus Room
Egyptian Elements Event 15-17 July 2022!

  • Keti & percussionist Sam Nascimento are excited to announce the opening of their NEW studio & arts space in Perth!  The Blue Lotus Room is a spacious venue with a large dance-floor, mirrors & acoustic stage.
    Egyptian Dancing, Drumming, Somatics, Qi Gong, Yoga, Martial Arts & Meditation plus evening Performances & events.
    An exciting weekend of Egyptian dance, rhythms, performances & artistry at The Blue Lotus Room. 

Musical Heart of Egypt

Cairo/Red Sea Sep-Oct 2022

  • Live Cultural Arts, Music & Dance Event in Egypt Sep 26-Oct 4 2022 hosted by Keti Sharif & Sam Nascimento
  • Cairo Event: 26th Sep - 1st Oct 2022 (6 days)
  • Red Sea Option: 2nd Oct - 4th Oct 2022 (3 days)
  • The Musical Heart is a unique event that culminates high quality cultural arts, music, dance & drumming in Egypt. All artists are Egyptian, skilled & respected in their field. This year we're joined by guest lecturer Dr Randa Baligh (head Egyptologist, Cairo University) & Farida Fahmy presenting a rare seminar about the original Reda Troupe.
  • Enjoy morning excursions with Dr Baligh, visiting the New museum, Giza Pyramids, Coptic Cairo, Islamic Cairo & magnificent architecture. Afternoon recitals highlight various traditional Egyptian genres: Sufi & Zikr, Saiidi, Baladi, Zaar, Classical & Bedouin styles. Expand your knowledge & skills with Egyptian dance classes to LIVE music & daily percussion sessions. Wind down with fun cultural evening events plus opportunities for participants to dance to LIVE music!    SEE MORE!

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